March 1, 2023 AZPPSE Office Update

Office Space
March 1, 2023

The staff of the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education primarily works remotely.  Each staff member has full access to systems that will allow all work to be completed without interruption. For quicker service to your questions, email is the preferred  method of communication, however, voice mails will be retrieved a few times per day. 

* Please limit postal mail. It is best to send any communication to the board via email. PPSE is thankful and proud to be a 100% online/electronic office. Our preference is to have any documents and payments sent electronically, however we accept all payment types.  

[email protected] – Executive Director

[email protected] – Deputy Director/ STRF/Complaints/Investigations

[email protected] – Letter of Intent (New School Applications)

[email protected] – Institutional Programs/Program Modifications

[email protected] - Records Specialist - Transcript Requests

[email protected] - Genreal Information

[email protected] - Informaiton on Transcripts

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