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Student Records Request Information

The AZPPSE does not have transcripts for all students from closed schools. Before requesting a transcript, check the Closed School List to make sure AZPPSE has the records for your institution. If we do have the records, complete the Student Records Request form and email it to the address indicated on the bottom of the form along with the receipt for the required $10 payment.

Closed school list is available through this link.                                                                                 
If you were a student at any of the following closed schools, your transcripts are to be requested from the official custodian of records through the links below. Please follow the link to request access to your transcripts. This is not an exhaustive list. Please check the Closed School List for any institutions you do not see linked below.

For all other schools, please follow the process below.

1. Download and complete the Student Records Request form.

2. Complete and sign the Student Records Request form. One transcript sent per form.

3. Submit the $10 payment to (Credit Card or Electronic Check accepted). 

4. Email completed Student Records Request form to the email address listed on the form. Failure to email the request will result in a delay in your request.


There is a $10 non-refundable fee associated with each transcript request. Please follow this link ( and select For Transcripts to pay the fee online.

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NASFAA will assist students whose college or career school closed while they were enrolled, or shortly after they withdrew, through the use of an online ticketing portal that allows students to connect with a seasoned financial aid administrator from a NASFAA member institution.GO to

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