The Meaning and Importance of Accreditation
Initial Steps of the Licensure Process

Contact State Board Staff (Jacqueline Rome - [email protected]) and request a General Information Packet be emailed to you

Or, through the State Board's website:, under section Licensure Requirements, review the "Licensure Information Overview".

  1. In the "Licensure Information Overview" is an Exhibit D, "Application Letter of Intent".  This must be completed and emailed to the State Board office of review.
  2. State Board Staff will review the information provided on the Letter of Intent and will make the following determination:
    1. If licensure is required, the appropriate application packet will be mailed to you.  The application packet is NOT available on the website.  The application packet will vary based upon the programs to be offered and if the institution is or is not accredited.
    2. If licensure is not required based upon the State Board's exemptions specified in the statute, a letter will be mailed to you that your proposed activities are not under the State Board's jurisdiction.
  3. If State Board Staff has determined that licensure is required, the applicant will have 60 days (unless granted an extension) to submit the application packet.  The licensure process and timeframes according to Rule R4-39-102 will begin upon receipt of the application.
Please be advised if the application packet has been emailed and the person begins operation and/or continues to operate without the immediate intent to seek licensure, Board Staff will issue a Cease and Desist Order.
Estimated time for review:  10 days