Student Complaint Procedure

In accordance with State law, the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education ("Board") is responsible for investigating student complaints against educational institutions licensed by this Board. Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code Rule R4-39-403, the complaint procedure is stated as follows:
  1. If a student has a complaint against a licensed institution or program and has exhausted all available grievance procedures established by the institution, that student may file a written complaint with the Board.
  2. The Board staff shall investigate the student complaint and may refer the student complaint to the Board's Complaint Committee for initial consideration at a public Complaint Committee Meeting. The complainant and the institution would receive written notice of the date, time and place at which the complaint would be considered by the Complaint Committee.
  3. After the initial investigation and consideration of the student complaint, the student complaint shall be placed on the agenda of the next available Public Board Meeting for final consideration by the Board. The complainant and the institution will receive written notice of the date, time and place at which the complaint will be considered by the Board. The complainant's failure to appear at the Board Meeting may result in dismissal of the complaint.
  4. If after considering the student complaint, the response of the institution and the findings of the Complaint Committee, the Board determines there are reasonable grounds to believe that the institution is in violation of Board statute or rules, the Board shall set the matter for Hearing pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute Sections 32-3051 and 32-3052.
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