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September 9, 2022

AZ-SARA Update: The AZ-SARA Commission met on Thursday, September 8th to discuss Aspen University's application to join AZ-SARA. The commission deferred Aspen's application to January 2023, therefore, Aspen is not covered by the SARA reciprocity agreement and must obtain state authorization in each state it plans to operate. Please check the Aspen University state authorization for updated authorizations:


Letter from Aspen to Students:

We are writing to inform you of a decision made yesterday (September 8, 2022) by the Arizona SARA Council (“the Council”) that has changed Aspen’s ability to offer distance education in certain states. Because you reside in one of the affected states, we wanted to inform you of this decision right away and let you know what Aspen is doing to address the issue, as well as what options we are pursuing on your behalf.

Aspen’s application for interstate authorization to offer distance education through AZ-SARA was considered at the Council meeting yesterday. The Council voted to defer consideration of our application until January 2023. As a result, for the time being, Aspen is unable to offer distance learning in states where it has not yet obtained individual state authorization.

In the absence of SARA authorization, Aspen has been actively seeking individual state authorizations, and to date, Aspen University has succeeded in securing full approval in 31 states, while 13 additional states allow our currently enrolled students to continue while applications are under review or in process. Students in these states represent 91% of the current student body.

Unfortunately, you currently reside in one of the six states in which we have not yet received approval for enrolled students to continue their studies. And while we had hoped that Arizona SARA approval would fill that gap, the Council’s decision to defer consideration of our application has effectively precluded that option for at least several more months.

In the meantime, with respect to four of the impacted states—Texas (for nursing students only), Nevada, Minnesota, and Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia—Aspen is awaiting individual state approval for currently enrolled students to continue in their studies and is actively engaged in efforts to expedite the process in these states, to the extent possible. As we receive authorizations for these states, you will receive notice that you are again able to register for classes and continue your educational journey with Aspen. You can also monitor our progress under State Authorization Information here:

Unfortunately, the two remaining states—Rhode Island and Wisconsin—have indicated that they will not permit currently enrolled students to continue.

As to Rhode Island and Wisconsin students (and to the extent we are unable to secure approval in Texas, Nevada, Minnesota, and Maryland, or the District of Columbia), we are working closely with our accreditor to provide options for you to continue your programs of study in an alternative approved forum. As these options become clearer, we will promptly update you with more information.

Finally, we understand that these recent developments have interrupted and negatively impacted your educational journey—and for that, we sincerely apologize. We also understand that this process has been confusing to many of you. We are hopeful that our communication going forward will help you in charting a forward-looking path, and our Academic Advisors also stand ready to address any individual questions you might have. They can be reached at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your patience as we have walked this path.


Cheri St. Arnauld, EdD